Twitter CEO Evan Williams @ SXSW

This is old news, but Evan Williams announced @anywhere – a new Twitter service – at SXSW keynote on Monday. From what the KXAN reporter said it sounds like people weren’t thrilled with what Williams had to say. We all knew about @anywhere before today and an announcement at SXSW is like retelling a news story a day later.

Williams debuted Twitter’s new @anywhere service, which boasts better user integration with Twitter on 13 various Web sites like The New York Times and Yahoo.

…But many people went back into the world leaving the presentation not caring much for what Twitter’s CEO had to say. Twitter was buzzing with disappointment Monday after the talk. Source: Twitter co-founder speaks at SXSW|

What the reporter failed to note was the mob-style backchannel SXSW has become know for. From it sounds like people were more than disappointed, they were ready to throw things.

This year’s victim: Umair Haque, the Harvard wonk whose interview with Twitter’s CEO just turned into a virtual stoning. Source: Vicious Techies Devour Another Victim|