Meaning of Malamanteau

If enough people use a fake word does that make it real? Today, this comic created an explosion of traffic (and controversy) on search engines and Wikipedia.

Malamanteau is a combination of two words malapropism and portmanteau. These two are real words that have real meanings and the meanings are easily available on Wikipedia. Source: Malamanteau : Meaning of Malamanteau

Wikipedia quickly deleted the word – citing that it’s under review.

The power of the web – or the people on the web – never ceases to amaze me. The lesson here kids, don’t believe everything you see on Wikipedia – or anywhere on the web for that matter – always verify or confirm a source before you go quoting it in your blog.

Earthquakes shorten our days

Wow. I never realized that this happened.

The Feb. 27 magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile may have shortened the length of each Earth day … by about 1.26 microseconds. Source: NASA – Chilean Quake May Have Shortened Earth Days.

What does this mean? Is the earth spinning faster? Some answers are around on the web, but not many.

A shortened day could mean sunlight shines on a spot for less time, and darkness would cover an area for less time too. I think what it would affect more than the clock though. I think gravity, surface temperature, climate, the moon’s orbit, satellites’ orbits, would be affected to name a few. Only (a shortened) time will tell.

Wacky Astronaut Lady Is Back

Her rival for another astronaut, Colleen Shipman, also testifies as Nowak tries to get ankle monitor removed.
Sarah Lundy and Walter Pacheco, Sentinel Staff Writers
2:11 PM PDT, August 24, 2007
ORLANDO, Fla. – A day that started with the dramatic first appearance of former astronaut Lisa Nowak on the witness stand ended six hours later with a judge deciding this afternoon that more time was needed to consider pretrial motions in the case.

When last we left Ms. Nowak, she had been arrested for assaulting an alleged girlfriend of her former lover.

Source: Former astronaut Lisa Nowak takes the stand – Los Angeles Times

Astronaut arrested on attempted kidnapping charges

But the real dirt in this story:

Inside the car, police found an a half-dozen latex gloves, MapQuest directions from Houston to Orlando International Airport, e-mails from Shipman to Oefelein, diapers that Nowak said she used to eliminate stops along the highway, a letter indicating how much she loved Oefelein and directions to Shipman’s home address in Florida, the report said.



The TV show Law & Order used to advertise something like “ripped from the headlines” and “the characters are fictional but the stories are not.” Viewers beware when “life imitates art!” This clip from looks like it was ripped from the script of L&O: estranged husband kills wife and self over a bitter divorce. I can probably guess the episode title, “Ambushed.”

He ‘Beat It!’

A sullen MJ back in the day. Posted by Hello

Is it the money? Is it the fame? The looks? Talent? What is it that saved MJ and OJ. Maybe those things got them acquitted – maybe not. Maybe they really were innocent. Maybe if the glove doesn’t fit you must acquit. Maybe if sparkle glove fits you must acquit. Who knows.

Anyway, here’s a good piece of advice. “Michael Jackson’s lawyer said today the singer will no longer share his bed with young boys.” (AP) … “‘He’s not going to do that anymore,’ attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. told NBC’s Today.”

Michael Jackson on trial

Here’s another biggy! At least it has garnished more media attention than anything else. MJ is on trial for molesting boys. He decided to chance trial versus trying to buy the kid’s silence (like the last one).

Funny how both BBC and CNN dedicate huge amounts of resources and bandwidth to cover a trial. Of course who could forget the O. J. Simpson trial or the Manson trial or even the Scopes Monkey trial – all big media circuses.

Evil has its allure…. Some people have the same fascination for Jack the Ripper and Hitler. – Vincent Bugliosi, attorney in Manson trial

That’s why the media frenzy will never die. They are symbiotes; feeding each other.

She’s Got A Ticket To Ride and It Rings

Smart phone courtesy of Posted by Hello

Remember when phones were sationary? (Yes kiddies phones were once permanently afixed to a wall.) and you waited for a conductor to collect your train ticket as the train chugged along? Well the day has finally arrived that we can get on a bullet train while talking on a cellular phone. Yes the smart phone is your train ticket now.

With one swipe of the phone – maybe you can just walk past the “electric conductor” – and you’re on your marry way to a blistful ride on a bullet train that was ergonomically designed to fit the most sardine…I mean people in the least about of space. Now add a mini keyboard to your phone and you could probably manage to thumb-type a couple sentences of your mega-presentation before you had to leave the serenity of the train.