Prince William and Princess Kate marry and kiss…twice

William and Kate kiss...twice

A comment on CeleBuzz summed it up:

Aww how cute… princess kate and prince williams kiss was absolutely adorable… it should have been longer though… :( at least they kissed twice!!! lol

We caught their two kisses when we woke up this morning. It’s a tradition, but both times their kisses were really short and not sexy at all; like a good night kiss.

Congratulations to the new royal couple.

Now the countdown to when will Will be king?

The Perfect Little Wedding at 3:21 on March 21

Barbara and I were married yesterday, March 21, 2009, at 3:21 PM. It was a warm spring day – happy times – but it was a perfect little wedding. Just the kids, her brother, sister, mother, and cousin were in attendance; oh and the minister’s mother.

Look at the pictures from our informal wedding.

I’m sure my mom and dad would approve and love her family as surely as I’m sure her family would have loved my mom and dad.

Mazel tov!