Zlad – Elektronik Supersonik

Santo Cilauro (born in Melbourne, Australia) is a film producer and comedian. One of the co-founders of The D-Generation, Santo wrote and performed in the show during the later half of the 1980s as well as a performer on the early 90s sketch comedy The Late Show. Not to mention co-authoring the Jetlag Travel Guides to Molvania, Phaic Tanand San Sombrero.

Zladko Vladcik (aka Zlad) is his fictitious version of a “Molvanîan” pop music artist. “Elektronik Supersonik” makes for a cheesy combination of Italo disco and Synthpop, with funny accents.

Viral Video or Google Ad

I think this video was really an ad for Google – maybe one of the long, lost tapes.

It struck me last night as I was getting ready for bed that the colors in the video match Google almost perfectly. If “red” and “green” were switched the colors would match.
Source: YouTube – OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – RGM version.