A Texas Budget Rider Would Bid ‘Hasta la vista’ to Windows Vista

AUSTIN – It could be “Hasta la vista, baby” to state agency purchases of Microsoft’s Windows Vista information technology under a proposed state budget provision.

The “rider” in the proposed two-year, $182.2 billion state budget – expected to be taken up Wednesday by the Texas Senate – would require state agencies to get written approval from the Legislative Budget Board before buying Vista technology related to an operating system, equipment or licenses.

Sen. Juan Hinojosa, D-McAllen, added the provision in committee and said it’s meant to block purchases of the technology, which has been targeted by criticism: “Don’t buy it, because it’s not worth it.” Source: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news

I would add while we’re at it, let’s require IE7 for their XP machines. I can’t tell you the number of work-arounds we’ve incorporated into websites to let older versions of IE work.

UPDATE March 11, 2010: At work we skipped Vista (per se) and went from XP to Windows 7 this year. I say per se because we bought computers with Vista pre-installed and installed XP images on them.